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There are many drugs, lotions and herbal hair loss remedies on the market but there are only two hair restoration medications currently available that are approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – Minoxidil and Finasteride .

These medications are beneficial for the early stages of hair loss. In addition, both Minoxidil 5% Lotion and Finasteride tablets can be successfully combined as an added benefit to natural hair transplantation and/or synthetic implantation, while in some cases it has successfully re-grown clients' original head of hair.

As a hair restoration solution, these medications have the added benefit of being non-surgical and painless   There's no time off work as they are applied in the privacy of your own home.

Hair Loss Medication Program

The Crown Clinic offers a special discounted price when you purchase both Minoxidil and Finasteride on a monthly basis.  Come in for a free consultation - the products can also be delivered to your door by express post.

Minoxidil 5% lotionNew Product Release – The Scalp Roller

The Scalp Roller is your ‘Therapist at Home’, producing the same results as costly laser therapy sessions to maintain healthy hair follicles.  Used on a daily basis in conjunction with our Minoxidil 5% Lotion, the Scalp Roller assists with the absorption of the lotion – a convenient and cost effective alternative to laser therapy in the comfort of your own home.

The Scalp Roller is a surgical grade instrument. The head is covered with tiny stainless steel acupuncture needles.  It helps stimulate the dermal layer of the skin and promotes circulation to the hair follicles, and gently cleans away dead skin cells.

The Scalp Roller is available on mail order - email or phone The Crown Clinic now on toll free 02 9252 0262.

Minoxidil 5% lotionMinoxidil 5% Lotion

In 1988, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first medication for application to the scalp that has been proven to grow human hair:  Minoxidil 2%.

The Crown Clinic now offers a strengthened and refined version of this medication.  Our pharmacist produces an exclusive blend of Minoxidil 5% that is gentle enough for more sensitive skin, yet still with the active ingredients that have shown such promise in the quest to re-grow hair. 

Minoxidil 5% solution, a hair growth stimulant, is a topical application for the treatment and prevention of hair loss and is a major breakthrough in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness. It is applied to the bald and vulnerable areas on the scalp twice a day.

Our exclusive Minoxidil 5% program continues to be a great success. It is available in 100ml bottle and with added natural stimulant, Minoxidil 5% has shown success in 25%-30% of cases.

Minoxidil 7%, 10% and 12% is also available from The Crown Clinic on prescription.  Minoxidil 5% Lotion is available on mail order - email or phone The Crown Clinic now on toll free 02 9252 0262.


In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first pill to treat male pattern hair loss.   Finasteride (or the brand name Propecia) is a prescription medication formulated to block male pattern baldness. It is proven to be incredibly safe with less than 2% of users suffering only mild side effects. One tablet taken per day assists in the prevention of further hair loss and only affects head hair, not body hair elsewhere.

Many men are concerned about reported sexual side effects with the drug. In truth, the side effect of lower libido was noted in only 1.8% of the men taking the drug in clinical trials versus 1.3% on a placebo. Furthermore, this side effect always went away in men who stopped taking Finasteride , and also disappeared in most men who continued taking Finasteride.

Most men taking Finasteride experienced an increase in hair count, a decrease in hair loss, and an improvement in appearance.

Men who visit The Crown Clinic often ask if they'll need to take Finasteride if they have hair transplants. Although we believe Finasteride is a good adjunct to hair transplants, it's a matter of personal choice.   Finasteride serves an extremely useful purpose for those men who want to slow down the progressive thinning of non-transplanted hair. While only 5% of the men in clinical trials were judged to have "greatly" increased the hair in the vertex, an impressive 83% maintained or increased their hair count while on Finasteride and 66% had a visible increase in their scalp hair.

How does Finasteride work? Scientists have discovered that the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the principal factors in male pattern hair loss. Finasteride inhibits the formation of DHT and helps to interrupt this key factor in the development of inherited male pattern hair loss in men. Most men who take Finasteride experience a slowing or cessation of hair loss over the back and top of the scalp.

It is important to have realistic expectations - results take time.  You should be willing to commit yourself to taking Finasteride for at least six months. It must be taken on an ongoing basis to maintain the benefit. Men who are already "shiny bald" are less likely to benefit from Finasteride because the hair follicles may not be salvageable. Men who have early thinning in the back and top have a better chance to see some benefit, but only for as long as they continue taking the medication.

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