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The Solutions - Nido® Synthetic Hair Implantation

Studies began on the development of artificial hair in Japan in the early 1970s.  In 1972, the Nido® Corporation introduced the N-Type method as the first generation of artificial hair (AH) implantation.  From 1972 through 1975 trial implantations and studies were conducted on voluntary patients.

In June 1975, this new method was presented to the Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare, after which AH Technology was made available to the general public.  Thereafter, following two additional generations of upgrades, the AH Technology was incorporated into the fourth generation that is currently in use – the Z-Type method.

The arrival of the Z-Type method is a triumph over male pattern baldness and is patented worldwide.

We use a unique procedure which is the most accepted system available nationally and internationally.

Our medical and hairdressing staff have been specially selected and trained in the unique synthetic hair implant system so you can be assured of sound, professional advice along with first class service.

A qualified consultant will discuss, in private, the best program to suit your needs. The number of hair implants required will be determined by the degree of hair loss and style selected. Colour will be matched to your existing hair colour.

Implants can be completed in one session or carried out over a period of time if you so desire.

We are sure you will agree, after learning about the unique NIDO® procedure, you will be just as excited as we are in the system.

The procedure

Synthetic hair implantation may not be suitable for everyone, but NIDO® clinical trials show that over 95% of patients who have undergone this technique have very good to excellent results.

Implants can also be combined with transplant surgery for a thickening result or to camouflage old transplant 'plugs'. These synthetic implants have several advantages over hair transplantation surgery such as no pain, no bandages, no stitches and no time off work. The implants give a natural appearance and permit an active, sporting lifestyle.

This procedure does require on-going maintenance of the hair to ensure the best possible results. At a private consultation our trained consultant will assess your requirements and whether this procedure will suit you.

The Z-Type method has Australian TGA  (Therapeutic Goods Association) approval and is available in Australia exclusively through The Crown Clinic.

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