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Trichology Hair & Scalp Analysis for Men & Women

The Crown Clinic offers consultations for the diagnosis and treatment of all hair and scalp concerns such as scaly scalp, itching, damaged hair shaft problems for both men and women.

This is the paramedical field of Trichology - which studies the science of health and disease of the hair and scalp. Diagnosis is by appointment with our qualified Trichologist.

Trichologists have a special interest in nutrition and diet, various hormones and the endocrine system, the immune system, nervous, circulatory and digestive systems, which all play a major role in health and disorders of the hair and scalp.

Most problems seen by trichologists involve either:

  • Excessive loss of hair, thinning hair, patches of hair loss / baldness
  • Scaling scalp problems - either in patches or over the entire scalp
  • Excessive oiliness / dryness
  • Damage from colouring and straightening
  • Excessive itching
  • Hair Shaft disorders

The Trichology Consultation

The Crown Clinic is interested in treating the underlying cause of hair loss or scalp problems rather than just treating the results of the disorder.

During the first consultation (approx 1 hour), a thorough client history is documented in regards to personal and family medical history, family genetics, diet and nutrition, lifestyle habits, and medication taken to evaluate the source of the problem.

The scalp is examined with a hair polarizer which combines computer and microscopic technology to help establish the nature of the problem. The scalp is magnified 60x zoom, the hair shaft 150 x zoom, and shows the condition of the hair follicles, the scalp and the hair shaft.

The client can now see a visual image of what the trichologist can see thus helping their understanding. All images are stored (in privacy) and in follow up visits progress can be monitored by comparing new images to previous ones. This can be a great comfort and assurance that the treatment is working, especially in hair loss.

Any previous blood tests that have been taken need to be brought to the consultation and if not current then it may be suggested that a blood test be done for iron levels and hormone activity.

The hair shaft and hair bulb will be examined under a polarized microscope to assess:

  • if any structural damage
  • to determine if the hair is falling in the correct "stage" or if premature
  • if hair breakage is occurring rather than falling out
  • to identify any genetic problems
  • to check for fungus or lice

Several hairs will be removed if needed, and examined at a later stage. Once the cause has been diagnosed advice on treatment will be given. Most conditions can be successfully treated by either prescription or natural products. At no time will the client be under obligation to follow the advice given.

If necessary, further tests, mineral analysis or referral to another specialist may be required. The initial consultation with our Trichologist is $85.

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