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TwinSkin® Non-Surgical System - for Men

The most significant advancements in the hair replacement industry over the past five years have been in the non-surgical sector.  These advancements guarantee a full head of hair can be achieved by anyone - and is completely undetectable.

A free consultation will determine your suitability for the TwinSkin® Non-Surgical System.  You will discuss expectations and preferences with a trained consultant, not a salesman, who will discuss in a relaxed atmosphere how your new hair will look and feel, and demonstrate how you will style and maintain the hair system.

We select the finest human hair that will perfectly match your own naturally occurring hair in color, density and wave/curl.

After taking a small sample of existing hair, we are able to match your hair characteristics identically.  Our technicians will take into account the look you want to achieve and also lifestyle activities.  A template is then made to give exact measurements of shape and size of the scalp, and also direction in which the hair grows.

A new head of hair is created, follicle by follicle, with total attention to detail, providing you with a realistic frontal hairline and spiraling crown.  This technology is so accurate your own scalp will look like individual hairs are growing from it.

This technology is completely non-intrusive and does not hinder existing hair or scalp cells.  When fitted it can be styled however you wish.

The TwinSkin® Non-Surgical System places no limitations on activity or lifestyle.  Swim, surf, run – your new hair will ensure you are looking and feeling good in every situation. No other hair restoration technique is so affordable whilst offering this level of total coverage, or these kinds of results.

Whether your hair is long, short, straight or curly, the TwinSkin® Non-Surgical System is custom made for you and your busy lifestyle.

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Voluma Hair Additions - for Women

Hair loss in women is a common occurrence with 40% of the female population suffering from it. Many women have a thinning hair problem in their 20's and 30's that may continue into their menopausal years.

Hereditary hair thinning accounts for most cases of hair loss. At The Crown Clinic, our most successful treatment for women are our Voluma Hair Additions. This is a custom made integration system - perfect for women who are thinning on top. The Voluma Hair Additions are made with 100% human hair and are created to perfectly match your own hair.

Voluma Hair Additions are mostly 'partial' systems, where your own natural, growing hair is combined with the hair on the integration piece using a micro fusion technique. Instead of using clips or adhesives, strands of your own hair are anchored in place to the mesh base. You can then treat it like your own hair, making life much easier. The new hair will blend in with your existing hair to create the look of a full, complete head of hair.

Depending on the thickness and fullness of your growing hair, there are a variety of different net, mesh and lace hair integration systems available. This technology is also completely non-intrusive and does not hinder existing hair or scalp cells, and is styled to blend naturally with your own hair. No one will ever know that Voluma Hair has been added to your hair.

Easy to maintain and manage by yourself, this is the perfect solution to use if your hair loss is beginning to adversely affect your appearance.

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